Escape Massage Centers - Clinton-Holden-Marlboro, MA


Escape Massage Centers was founded by massage therapist, Jeff Scott in 2008 in Marlboro, MA.  It has since grown to 3 locations. And all are owned and operated by Jeff and the AMAZING staff of therapists.  WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE!!!!  If we were to ever become a franchise, we would require that all franchisees be massage therapist themselves.  Because Jeff believes that this is the one major thing that separates us from the huge franchises out there trying everyday to do what we the best.

We have the best deals, we give our clients a full hour or 90 minutes of massage.  None of that deducting time for getting ready and re-dressing after the massage.  An hour is 60 minutes after all....right???

We have a plan to fit everyone...

Our goal is very simple
Provide the best quality service at a price everyone can afford...

Because YOU Deserve It

1-855-GO-2-RELAX (462-7352)  

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