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The following are non-member and non frequency prices.  Be sure to see our frequency discount pricing and membership options below

$50/HOUR OR $75/90 MINUTES


The Escape Experience   $60/Hour   $90/90 Minutes
A full one hour mas   sage (60 minutes) customized to your specific needs.  Whether you want a light-medium or deep pressure Swedish relaxation massage, or a mix of Swedish and deep tissue, we customize the massage to YOU.

The Couples Escape   $120/Hour   $180/90 minutes
(Discounts do not apply, not available at all locations)
Enjoy a wonderful massage next to your loved one in the same room.  You each have your own therapist, and you can chat with each other, or just enjoy the silence together while getting a relaxing massage.  A great way to celebrate a romantic occasion.

The Hot Stone Escape   $80/One Hour   $120/90 Minutes    
( no discounts)
The ultimate in relaxation.  The therapist uses warm stones to literally melt away your tension.  Although great anytime of year, this massage is especially nice in the cooler months

Escape for The Mom-to-Be      $70/hour   
(Discounts do not apply)
A massage for pregnancy is just what the Dr ordered.  Moms-to-be have many low back issues due to the baby's weight.  We can help with that.  Even if you do not have any pain, the other benefits of massage such as, stress relief, improved circulation, and lymphatic circulation are all extremely beneficial to pregnancy.  And who deserves to be spoiled more than a new mom?  No one

No Commitment Membership Programs

We offer a no commitment membership. Which requires a $25 initial fee.  Each month the monthly fee will be automatically billed to your credit/debit card.

$50/month gets you a one hour massage per month
               Additional massages $50/hour 
One family member of your choice gets the $50 rate too

Don't want to join a membership?
That's fine, we do not require membership to save money here

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