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Over time, we have been asked many questions, such as:  Is it customary to tip a therapist?  What is draping?  Should I choose male or female therapist?  etc

So we have decided to put a page addressing these questions

Q:   Is it customary to tip a therapist?
A:  Yes, it is.  Our therapists work on a percentage of the low price that we charge.  An average tip is $10  and should go up or down based on how much you can afford to leave, and your level of satisfaction with your treatment.  High end spas charge anywhere from $65-100 for a 50 minute massage and a mandatory gratuity of 20%.  We do not add a gratuity, but they are much appreciated, and it is very common practice to tip a massage therapist

Q:  What is draping?  Is it necessary?
A:  Draping is the linens we use to keep the client covered, and techniques we use to only undrape the area we are working on at the time.  And yes, it is necessary.  It is required to protect the modesty of the client, and is also required by a therapists code of ethics and state law.

Q:  Should I choose a male or female therapist?
A:  Well, this ultimately is a choice of the individual.  I can say that very few people have any issue with having a female therapist.  It tends to be male therapists that have the hardest time acquiring clients.  Some people may have issues, whatever they may be, we don't judge, it is your choice.  That being said...all our therapists are just as qualified as the next.  All licensed, all professional, and all talented.  I, as the owner, and being a male therapist have dealt with this time and again.  I can say that EVERY SINGLE PERSON that initially was hesitant about choosing me as their therapist, are still my clients and won't see anyone else unless necessary.  Male therapists and female therapists are the same if the skills are the same.

Q:  Should I arrive early to appointment?
A:  A simple yes, but not too early.  If it is your first time here, 10 minutes early is great.  Subsequent visits you should try for 5 minutes early, to insure you receive your full 60 minute massage.

Q:  Should I choose deep tissue or Swedish?  What is the difference?
A:  The difference is Swedish is generally a lighter more broadly focused massage, using long flowing strokes as well as kneading techniques.  The pressure can be varied, but it is still flowing and sequential.  Whereas, deep tissue is more focused, slower and intense, focusing on specific problem areas.  At Escape, it doesn't matter what you choose because our massages are a blend of both techniques based on your specific needs.  You just tell the therapist what you issues are for the day, and a massage is tailored specifically for you.

Q:  How often should I receive massages?
A:  This answer is simple.  You should get massaged as often as is possible for your time and/or budget.  The more often you visit us, the less each visit is.  As it should be.  We recommend at least once per month.  And EVERYONE should find a way to make that possible.  The more often you receive massages the longer the effects of massage last.  It is great to get 2 or 3 a year, as a treat and you'll probably feel good for a day or two.  But, it does nothing for the long term.  The clients that receive the most frequent massages are the ones that report the most noticeable long lasting positive effects to their well-being.

We will be adding more Q&A's as the need arises

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